Lose weight fast with a two days diet!


With all but fall prey gastronomic delights and excess calories sometimes forget until we see that belly looks bigger, more generous hips, dress last summer if not coming as well, and the jeans are too tight and then begin the great search for the perfect diet, the miracle weight loss recipe exercise program most effectively to save you in a short time the weight gained between the two cousins.

If you concerned about this issue, you definitely tested as far as programs, diets and products names developed, but have, in the end, the same effect yo-yo that do not want me to mention : you loose very quickly, because then your lifestyle back to normal, you put the weight back, and even some more.

Before you actually grab a weight loss program or any other innovative diet, remember that moderation should be in everything, even when they do not follow a diet. And since we are in the summer season, and fruits and vegetables are at hand, they propose two diets easy to follow, effective guaranteed, just pursuing the principle of moderation in eating, managing to avoid the yo-yo effect we fear so much.



How much weight you lose BELIEVE IN TWO DAYS?

Yes, there is a diet that lasts only two days, so-called "day of sacrifice," and that gives remarkable results.

Invented and perfected by Michelle Harvie, a research dietitian, and Tony Howell, professor at the University of Manchester, diet for two days is deliberately low in carbohydrates.

The other five days without restrictions, specific foods you eat a light diet, the Mediterranean, as indicated the two specialists.

2 days of sacrifice

First, reduce the intake of sugar and salt. To not feel strongly their absence, trying to reduce the amount gradually as you get used to the new taste buds taste of food.

Try to give concentrated substances (for soups) or do not use more than two grams for one serving. As for tuna, beans or other canned beans, choose those that have been preserved in water, not brine, in order to avoid a high intake of salt.



For breakfast, choose from:

◆ Yogurt

◆eggs in water with spices

◆ rolls smoked salmon and spinach with cheese

◆ Melon Smoothie and linseed



Lunch can vary widely, from red meat to grill chicken, fish, salads or soups. Choose from:

◆ Chicken Soup

◆ Code grilled with spinach and asparagus served with fresh radishes

◆ fresh tuna steak

◆ Chicken Salad

◆ chicken liver with garlic and thyme

◆ Lamb grilled eggplant layer and dried tomatoes



Dinner is also an important meal that should not jump over, especially if you choose to follow this diet. What you eat dinner?

◆ Fish Salad

◆ smoked salmon salad with avocado

◆ Chicken baking tray

◆ Bean Stew

If you want to cool off during the day and heat, green tea with mint, cool and unsweetened, or the lemon and ginger are the best choices.

Days without restrictions

The five days of freedom and no restrictions are days when you can enjoy a little food consistency and even some desserts, but that does not mean you have to forget about moderation principle that this diet is based.

It's okay if you slip in one day a favorite dessert, but diet recommends that in the five days without restrictions to cook especially Mediterranean recipes based on vegetables, salads and fish.

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15 unusual advice sfor weight loss


Diets that have kept so far not helped you to lose weight and get rid of unsightly layer of fat that covers your muscles?

Then maybe it's time to change the sheet and turn to other methods of weight loss.

Here are 15 of them. I'm weird, but effective, so it's worth trying them :


1. Read your emails

Have you ever thought that reading emails may have beneficial effects on your figure? A well-known nutritionist in New York says that people who read newsletters from some sites health, diet and beauty begin to eat healthier, eat less saturated and trans fats and do exercise.

2 .Turn off the lights

Studies show that people who sleep in darkness lose weight more easily than those who fall asleep with the TV on or the lamp lit.

3. Do not feel guilty

You ate a serving of fries even if you're on a diet? Take things as they are and not feeling guilty. Stress and feelings of guilt can lead to overeating.

4. Eat negative calorie

Foods containing negative calories helps you lose weight quickly. To be digested, these foods consume a greater number of calories from fat deposits rather than contain them.

5. Eat small plates

The more plates you eat are smaller, so your chances of losing weight are higher. This is because a small plate put a small portion of food.

6. Eat spicy food

Spicy foods and spices faster metabolism and melt fat cells. Eat chillies and spice your food with pepper, to gain that dream figure.

7. Replace white bread

White bread is low in fiber and nutrients. Consumption only, it does not gain more than other foods. The problem occurs when you consume other foods. Replace white bread with whole grain bread because it contains more fiber.

8. Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercises in combination with a healthy diet helps you get rid of excess pounds.

9. Sleep in a cool room

Sleeping in a cool room so improves your sleep and metabolism. Lower temperatures cause the body to autoincalzeasca, and for that burn calories.

10. Sweeten up balanced

Avoid eating only sugar substitutes such as saccharin, because in the end you risk to gain weight more than the simple sugar. Alternate the two sweeteners.

11. You have food intolerance?

If you suffer from a food intolerance, it is possible to gain weight. Find out what foods sabotage your figure, take them out of your menu, then you will be able to lose weight.

12. Drink red wine

A glass of red wine causes the body to burn a considerable amount of calories and gives you a feeling of fullness faster.

13. Watch less TV

Watching television several hours a day gain of 2 reasons makes you sedentary and cause you to eat unhealthy foods. Watch less TV and your body will be happier.

14. Choose the right place at the table

When you sit at a table, place yourself as far away from the place of bread. This applies both at home and at the restaurant.

15. Take Vitamins

Sometimes you gain weight because your body has a deficiency of vitamins. Make a set of analysis and eliminate that deficiency. Soon, you will begin to take off extra pounds.

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